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Lilliput 664/W - 7" HDMI IPS FPV monitor

Optimised for FPV drone systems
2.680,00 kr exkl moms

Lilliput RM-7028S

The perfect unit for live events and shows The RM-7028S is Lilliput's rack mounted dual SDI monitor unit, featuring 2 IPS panels with 3G SDI connectivity. Perfect for live events and rack environments where space is a premium but quality is a necessity.
4.780,00 kr exkl moms

Raspberry Pi Based 10" Open Frame Touchscreen Panel PC

Open Frame Panel PC Quite simply put, an Open Frame Monitor is a display that does not have an enclosure or bezel confining around the bare metal chassis where all the inner components are bolted to. With HDMI fast becoming the new standard in digital media, monitors have had to evolve. Our newest range of open frame units feature HDMI input to allow you to create high quality digital signage or games console demonstration units at low cost with no shirking on quality With the addition of a Raspberry Pi mini computer, your open frame monitor can become a fully fledged panel PC *images given are representative of the product but actual products may vary slightly*
3.499,00 kr exkl moms
Den perfekta enheten för live-evenemang och visningar, RM-7028S är Lilliputs rackmonterad dual SDI monitorenhet, med 2 IPS paneler med 3G SDI-anslutning. Perfekt för live-evenemang och rack miljöer där utrymmet är begränsat men kvaliteten är en nödvändighet.
smarthin Home Automation - den 14 november 2012
Smarta hem har fått en egen sida med eget namn.
Lilliput produktsortiment - den 13 april 2012
Nu ökar vi sortimentet med Lilliput skärmar. Lilliput är ett ledande företag för små LCD skärmar.